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-- Tillandsia, Airplant, Simple Care Instructions--
TIP:: Nepenthes, Carnivorous Pitcher Plant,
EATS INSECTS and other bugs and pests.
All natural bug catcher!
Great for Green house, indoor gardening, etc.!!!
No Pesticides!   Great for Organic Growers!!!
We offer an array of tropical plants, carnivorous plants, succulents, cacti and many others. Through the seasons you may find in our store the following; different types of venus flytraps, sundew,different types of pitcher plants,multiple varieties of tropical plants and more. Carnivorous pets are always an attraction at any age! We ship potted plants, bare stalk, bare root and cuttings. Sphagnum moss, bamboo skewers, humidity dome, and labeling are some materials used in making our Custom Packaging. Free shipping NOT available on Donation items.
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Tillandsia, Airplant

Tillandsia, Airplants are considered Carnivorous.
If your plants are not outside to collect natural rain water,
and you must water them yourself, this is what you do...
Depending on how many plants you want to water,
or how large they are, select a proper container size.
Use R.O. water, Distilled water or collected clean rain water only!
Fill the container with enough water to totaly submerge the plant/s.
Let your plants soak for 15-30 min's
To water, dunk/submerge whole plant
into container of
uncontaminated fresh water.
Take out and let drip dry to not allow any pooling water in leaf joints.
If this method is not possible, a spray bottle may be necessary.
The leaf matter is what mainly needs to be watered. This is how they acquire moisture
as the roots are mainly for anchoring and stability.
Water Tillandsia 2-3 times a week.
Depending on humidity level,
Water more often in less humid conditions
and water less often in more humid conditions
as this will kill the poor thing!
Water with distilled water, rain water, or reverse osmosis water!
Indirect bright filtered light is best.
Med. to high humidity will help this plant thrive!
If you run into troubles or have
ANY QUESTIONS feel free to contact me!
Thank You!
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