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Living Bird House DIY BH2Kit1
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Living Wooden Bird House Kit (DIY),
Do It Yourself!
Includes Glue Gun
and Glue Sticks!
1 Air Plant (Tillandsia), Plus
Spanish Moss and Ball Moss,
W/Rope Hanger.
This DIY Kit Includes the following;
1 LIVE Air Plant (Tillandsia), Ball moss and Spanish moss,
1 Electric Hot Glue Gun (NEW In Original Packaging),
3 Glue Sticks for Glue Gun ( More than enough for this project),
1 Well Crafted Birdhouse, Ready for Embellishments.
Get Ready! to cover this well crafted birdhouse the way you desire!
Everything included necessary to complete a Real Life Living Birdhouse!
A sparingly amount of hot glue can be used for your birdhouse to be
decorated with natural live plants.
This will also help the occupants feel more at home!
The natural live plants will also give the occupants
a feeling of security with natural plant camouflage.
Wood is left plain for a natural effect.
Rope included for hanging.
Normal use of hot glue sticks :
3-4 birdhouses Embellished with live plants using 1 glue stick.
This leaves you plenty of glue for future small projects all around the house with your new hot glue gun!
( The Bird house you will receive will be the same style birdhouse
and Plants may look different than in picture due to being alive and constantly growing! )
WARNING!!! HOT GLUE GUN included in Kit! Please adhere to all safety warnings!
ADULT supervision/participation required!

Price: US $22.95
Living Birdhouse (DIY),
Do It Yourself KitBH2Kit1.
Complete, with Birdhouse, Hot Glue Gun, 3-Sticks of Glue and Airplants!

Despite their common names, Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) and ball moss (Tillandsia recurvata) are not mosses, but members of the Bromeliad family.
Spanish moss is easily recognizable by its pendant strands.
Ball moss is a small, tufted, gray-green plant.
Both prefer high light and will therefore thrive on weak or dead trees that have lost their leaves.
Tillandsia have a life cycle of one plant growing to maturity and then blooming.
Before, during or after blooming, your plant will usually start producing young babies.
Most plants will produce between 2 - 6 babies, which in turn will grow and mature.
Then normally within a year, bloom and produce babies themselves.
So this year you may have one plant, next year you might have 6, the next year 36 and so on.
Your plant will usually look fuller, larger and better next year than this year as it starts to grow and produce more blooms.
The bad news is that each plant will normally only flower once in its lifetime.
But, you should have blooms each year, as the babies mature, and then flower.
Flowers can last from several days to many months.
Depending on the species, most Tillandsia bloom naturally in late winter through mid-summer.
Living Birdhouse (DIY), Do It Yourself KitBH2Kit1
Living Birdhouse (DIY), Do It Yourself KitBH2Kit1
Living Birdhouse (DIY), Do It Yourself KitBH2Kit1
Living Birdhouse (DIY), Do It Yourself KitBH2Kit1
Living Birdhouse (DIY), Do It Yourself KitBH2Kit1
Living Birdhouse (DIY), Do It Yourself KitBH2Kit1
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