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Dear Marketer:
Every day it never seems to amaze me how many people approach me, complaining they are making some money from their website, but not as much as they like.
They claim they did what the experts told them to do but yet not seeing any results, or the results are mediocre.
Have you been told…
“Create your product and you will make millions overnight, and with very little effort on your part.”
“Discover this little marketing secret that will catapult your sales through the roof.”
Or maybe this one:
“Learn how to create e-books and make a killing selling them overnight by using one simple marketing trick that the masters use.”
Or even this one:
“Never be broke again, with this amazing formula for success and live like a king.”
You’ve probably heard many other claims besides these. The bottom line is they don’t work.
The reason people fall for them is they are alluring.
In reality, the only person who benefits from them are those who create those ads and people like you buy into them.
Let’s face it.
“You have been duped by so-called marketing
experts who claim to been there done it.”
You figured perhaps they meant well. Their intentions were in the right place, or so you thought.
So you decided to give them a chance to see what would happen. Hey, what else did you have to lose but your hard earned money.
The problem with these kinds of sales people or marketers is they are out strictly to make a sale. That is their true motivation.
As long as you buy their products, they are happy, even if it leaves you in the dust, disappointed because what they promised did not work.
There are so many marketers like this that it is really irks me that they do this. It spoils it for those who are honest and something worthwhile to provide.
People fall into their trap and get hooked line and sinker. You may be in the same boat. You probably bought into stuff like I explained above, only to find that you are not making money from them.
If this sounds like you I have good news for you…
“You Do Not Have To Be Trapped Into Phony Scams
or Products That Simply Don’t Work?”
The fact is you can make money creating your own products. There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of people who create products, build a website, and make a ton of cash online each day.
So if you have a great product and you want to make a ton of cash from it, you just need to create a dynamite website and place a fully functional payment processing system on it. Now you are ready.
The problem is orders are twinkling in slowly. You are disappointed by the results. But yet you want to make a killing online.
What next? Well, it is very possible for you to explode your sales online. The best part is, you don’t have to spend a dime in advertising in order to promote your site. There are ways you can make money online without having to break the bank.
The best way is to hire people to sell your product for you. If you can prove to others that your product has a lot of value and is worth buying, you will be able to attract many people and have then sell your product for you.
And do you know what. It can happen to you to. There are many people doing it right now.
Selling products is really easy. But you are limiting yourself to what you can make.
There really is no secret that in order for you to really clean up and make a ton of money with your product, you need to hire people to sell for you.
Using affiliates, as they are referred to, is the best way to EXPLODE your sales. The reason is simple. The more hands you get to promote your product, the better chance people will see your product.
The question you may ask is creating affiliates to sell my product worth it? Is it easy to do?
Well, the honest truth is that finding affiliates to sell your product is not that easy. You will need to know how to…
Think about it. If you have a product that is really in demand, you wouldn’t have any trouble finding people to sell your products. This is because you found a niche and filled the need.
If this is not the case, how do you expect people to be willing to sell your product if you haven’t created a product that filled a need.
It is important not only to build a product that is in demand, but also to build a website that will attract the attention of those who visit it.
Your website has to be designed to be sticky (hard for anyone to leave easily). The product page needs to have top-quality, eye-catching copy that will not only grab the attention of visitors, but force them to take action.
Of course, this is a given, and you do have to undertake all these activities. But once they are done and you are ready to sell, how will you find people to help you sell.
“Now There's A Simple Way For You To Overcome The Hurdles Of Finding People to Help You Sell Online!”
After a lot of painstaking effort, research, and testing, it has come to my attention that the best way to sell your product is to get people interested enough to help you sell it.
These people who you hire are known as affiliates. And they are not really hard to find if you know how to look and where to look.
I came up with some secrets of the industry that not too many people know about that will help you find affiliates to sell your product.
My secrets have been compounded into a short guide that will help you find the affiliates you need so you can EXPLODE your sales online in a matter of time.
And what is good about this guide is that anyone can use it no matter your experience level. Once you read this guide and take action, you will begin hiring affiliates within a day or two. When that happens, look out for your income will shoot through the roof.
Without further ado, let me introduce to you:
“How to EXPLODE Your Online Sales
without Paying a Dime in Advertising”
At the core of my guide will be a step-by-step method explaining how you can explode your sales online and what you need to do to accomplish it.
Every method you can use for finding affiliates will be mentioned. Not only that you will also have the pleasure of learning methods that will draw affiliates to you.
Right now, there are thousands of people using my guide to find affiliates. And these people are making millions of dollars online without even blinking an eyelash.
In fact, here are a few of these people and their story:
“I had a website where I sold a book I wrote myself. At first I was able to sell a few copies. But I really wasn’t doing as well as I wanted. I had dreams of creating a million dollar seller. One day, a friend of mine introduced me to your e-book. Since it wasn’t expensive, I decided to try it. All I can say is thank you. When I applied what I learned, I managed to get over 100 people to agree to help me sell my e-book. I checked my bank account yesterday and have received a thousand dollars in orders, and this was for one day. Again, all I can say is thanks.”
Sandy Jorman
New Jersey
“Hey, what can I say but thanks. I created this product and created a web page for it. I took the steps some newbie Internet marketer suggested. I was making a few dollars here and there, but nothing to be happy about. But everything changed when I read your e-book. Suddenly, I got about 50 people signing up to sell my e-book for me. I can honestly say I made more money in one day than I had in the last three months combined. What a ride.”
Ed McLaughlin
New Hampshire
“Roger, I gotta tell you. Before I purchased your product, I had a product and was selling it, but was making very little money. After I purchased your e-book, everything changed. Soon, with the help of about 130 people, I began making fists loads of money. Thanks so much for your e-book. You’re the best.”
Danny Manager
“Here's How ‘How to EXPLODE Your Online Sales without Paying a Dime in Advertising’ Is the Perfect Solution for You in Making Money Online!”
After many months of research, trial and error, I have found the perfect way for you to EXPLODE your sales online without too much effort on your part or without spending a dime in advertising.
Here is what you will find in my step-by-step guide:
1. How to Find Affiliates to Sell Your Product
When you are ready to sell your product, it helps to have people to help you sell it. The question is finding people who will be willing to sell for you. This chapter will show you how to do it.
2. Which Affiliate Program Works Best
When you find affiliates you will want to decide how to hire them. Do you want to work with affiliates only, or do you want to go deeper and let your affiliates hire affiliates? This chapter shows you by examples which method works best.
3. Tools to Boost Your Affiliate Sales
If you want your affiliates to sale your product so you can make tons of money, you have to give them a little helping hand.
The best way to boost your affiliates’ sales is by providing your affiliates with various tools that they can use to convince people to click a link to your website product page. This chapter shows you the tools and how to use them.
4. Pay Your Affiliates Fairly
There is a saying that goes like this: “If you want a job done well, you have to pay well.” This goes for paying out commissions. If you really want to hire people to help sell your product, you better come up with a good commission plan or they will refuse to do it. This chapter gives you guidelines as to what type of commission structure works best.
5. How to Track Affiliate Sales
If you want your affiliates to sell for you, they must be confident they will receive every dime that is coming to them. This means every sale must be accounted for.
For this reason, every sale must be tracked properly, or you could have some people angry at you and may even stop selling all together. This chapter explains how to track each sale to make sure your affiliates get what is coming to them.
6. Insider Secret to Exploding Sales Online
Once you find people who are willing to help you sell your product, the next step is to get them involved. Here is where not too many people know the right way to get them involved. In this chapter, I expose a secret way of getting affiliates involved and it won’t cost you a cent to do it.
With “How to EXPLODE Your Online Sales without Paying a Dime in Advertising,” You Could Launch A Money-Making Product On Your Website Quickly And Begin Making Money Within Two Days!
Yes, it is possible to make create a big money-making product today, and begin making a ton of cash from it within two days.
All you need is my guide and willingness to do it.
Before you know it, you will be waking in the money and laughing your way to the bank. No more poverty. No more debt. Live in financial freedom and enjoy it.
Start out making thousands of dollars within a few days. Increase that amount each day or week. Before you know it, you will be known as an Internet millionaire.
You won’t ever have to worry about bills again. In fact, you can tell the utilities to stick their bills up you know where. If they threaten you, tell them you’ll buy them out and fire them.
You may want to start out doing this work part time, while you build up your part time income. Or you may delve into it full time. It depends where you stand financially.
The bottom line is you won’t have to put up with a nagging boss any more. No more 9 to 5 job. You command how much you want to make.
You may be thinking how it seems too good to be true. It does seem like that. Well take this into consideration.
Let’s say you created product that was in demand. You priced it at $97. You placed it on your website and sales began to twinkle in. You made a few hundred dollars, but nothing steady.
You decided to get some help. So you hired Robert as an affiliate. You made an agreement to pay him a flat-rate commission of $10 for every $97 sales he sends your way.
After the first month he produced 25 sales for you. If we look at the numbers, here is what it looks like:
Robert’s sales
25 x $97 = $2425
Robert’s commission
25 x $10 = $250
What you made
$2425 - $250 = $2175
Looks good right? With Robert’s help you made more money than you did when you sold your product yourself.
Now imagine if you hired 20, 30, or 50 affiliates, and each one sold the same number of products.
If you had just 20 affiliates, you would end up making $43,500. What a day’s work. This is why I’m saying you could literally EXPLODE your sales online.
This is what I am talking about. The best companies hire sales people to go out and sell their products for them. You can do the same.
“What Do You Get For Trying My Methods?”
By trying what I will teach in my e-book How to EXPLODE Your Online Sales without Paying a Dime in Advertising, you will find yourself making tons of money each and every day.
Here is a list of reasons why you should use my methods and techniques:
If you read my program thoroughly and follow it, you will find yourself making a ton of money within days of placing your product on your site.
There have been a number of people who tried my methods and are really making a ton of money online each day and each month on a consistent basis.
Are you ready to become one of them….
If do, you are probably wondering what my guide will cost you.
Well what if I told you I was offering it for a low price of $19.99. But Im Gonna knock off another $10.00
Yeah, you read it correctly. I said $9.99. I am offering it at such a low price because I want to give you the chance to have it, so you can use it and start making money online today.
However, even at that low price you may be skeptical about ordering it.
Well, what if I told you I was going to offer it to you for FREE. That’s right. I am going to give you a no-risk tryout to see if you will like it or not.
So what I am going to do is remove all the risk from your shoulders. I will absorb all risk and I will offer you my…
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I will provide you with my 100% money-back guarantee and give you a no-risk trial to try out my How to EXPLODE Your Online Sales without Paying a Dime in Advertising e-book.
If for whatever reason you do not make money from your product, even after you hire people to sell your product for you, within 90 days, let me know and I'll fully refund your money.
That's how confident I am in my system. So there's absolutely no risk whatsoever. I take all the risks.
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To your success,
                  Roger Knight
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