Are you considered an expert in your field? If so, have you considered using
social media to spread out your expertise? If not, listen up…
“Learn How to Use Social Media To Establish Yourself As An Expert – And Without Paying A Dime To Do It!”
A Step-By-Step Method Has Been Developed That Will Show How You Can Take Your Expert Status On To Social Media Sites While Promoting Your Business!
Internet Marketing And Social Media Expert Has Developed A Guide That Will Help You Be Recognized As An Expert On Social Media Sites In Quick Fashion!
From the desk of,   Roger Knight
Dear Expert:
Can you answer these four questions:
If you answered “yes” to all those questions, then please read on.
There’s a lot to read, but I promise when you are done, it will be worth your while. For what I have to say will simply blow you away with enthusiasm.
If you are an expert at a particular niche, that is great. This means you know more about the subject than anyone else.
You are the go-to guy. You have a ton of knowledge and experience in your field.
And being an expert provides many benefits. People look up to you. They respect you.
“You gain a lot of recognition
from the media and the public.”
It used to be years ago that in order to be known as an expert in any given field, you would need plenty of knowledge and experience.
You would need to have someone else consider you as an expert.
You may even need to have credentials from an accredited college or university before being given expert status.
But today, that is simply not the case.
“In This Day and Age Experts are in
Demand More Than Ever”
Basically, as long as you know your stuff and can prove it you can be looked at as an expert.
In some cases, you don’t even need a lot of knowledge of the subject initially. As long as you show some knowledge and you have experience in the field, you have knowledge about, you can be considered an expert.
If you are an expert at something you will end up getting more business and will be able to command higher fees. That means higher profits for you.
You would be surprised how many times a newspaper reporter would seek you out because you happen to be an expert at something.
Experts are constantly being looked for. Who do you think speaks at conferences and seminars.
Being an expert will help you gain a lot of respect among your peers. They will turn to you for help and for answers when they need it.
Even the Federal Government will come looking for you for advice or assistance.
“Okay, so if I am an expert, how can I
spread my expertise around?”
That is a very good question.
All you have to do is speak about what you know in forums, blogs, and by writing articles that you post in article databases and other places.
If you do this on a regular basis, people will begin to see your name everywhere. Eventually, when they see you cover a certain topic on a regular basis, they will recognize you as an expert in that area.
Here is an example:
An example of this would be someone who created a column about fixing Windows Vista problems. This person would write an article for his column on a weekly basis with his name, email, and website attached. Well, eventually, he began getting a lot of people sending him emails, asking questions about Vista. He became known online as the Vista expert.
Here is another example:
There is another example of Bob. Bob was a PR rep. He worked for a public relations firm and had been working there for about 10 years. Finally, he quit and went on his own. He created a website and created a blog. He began to write articles for his blog. He began getting many hits a day to his blog. Before long, he started getting a lot of comments from his readers. Within six months, he was known as an expert PR person.
If you are looking to be an expert in a certain field or niche, or are already an expert but want to spread yourself out to help others, it won’t take much to do it.
You just need to take the right steps, and by doing so, you will be recognized as an expert.
So what are these steps?
I’m glad you asked. Before, I go into what steps are needed, let me just say that if you aren’t at the expert level, fear not for if you keep reading, I will show you how to get there.
“I’m not an expert so how can you help me
and why should I believe you?”
That is a good question. Let’s split your question into two parts.
First of all if you do not think yourself as an expert in your field, trade, industry, or niche, you can easily find out.
I have created a guide that will show you what it takes to be an expert. You will not only learn what it takes, but what you must do to get there.
My guide will take you through the process of becoming an expert. It will show you step-by-step what is involved in becoming an expert.
You will learn how a person qualifies to be an expert, and what you must do to meet those qualifications.
Second, I was there at one time. A few years ago, I got out of college and was looking for a job. I learned a lot about marketing and so I tried to get a job in this area.
One day, I read about this guy who made millions online. I studied Internet marketing and realized I could take what I knew and expand it to the Internet.
Shortly after this, I created a website and began writing content for it. I set up a blog and wrote on it a few times a week.
I began showing up on search results. A couple of months went by and I started receiving comments about my posts on my blog.
I became known as an expert Internet marketer, just from my posts.
Right about this time LinkedIn showed up. I went on there and created a profile. I went to the answers section and began answering questions related to Internet marketing.
Before long, I was getting responses by email. I started reading posts from people referring to me as the resident Internet marketing expert.
At that time I knew I hit upon something. I did some research and realized no one wrote about how to become an expert either offline or by means of social media. So I went ahead and did it.
So if you ask…
“I am an expert so how to I share my
knowledge with the world?”
I’ll tell you straight up. If you are already an expert, you are ready to share your knowledge with the world.
Would you like to know the place where your expert status can not only be recognized but also shared by millions of people?
Stay tuned for you are about to find out where you can go.
Are you ready...
“If you really want to make a name for
yourself as an expert and help a lot of
people social media is the place to be.”
That’s what I said. You need to be on social media sites if you really want to be recognized as an expert and help people.
Think of the millions of people who log into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social sites each day, looking for someone to answer a puzzling question.
You could be the go-to guy that can come to their rescue and give them the answers they seek. But just going on social media won’t do you any good.
You must have a game plan in hand if you are going to achieve the success you want. You could get on social media sites and play cat-and-mouse.
You could create your profile and wait to connect to people, hoping to have a chance with someone.
But this is not being realistic.
If you really want to do things the right way, heads up…
“I am going to reveal to you the way you can take your expert status on social media sites and become recognized as an expert, thereby
being able to help others.”
I am going to tell you want you need to do in order to show the world that you are indeed an expert.
Let’s take the following example:
Frank owns a landscaping business. He has been doing this for quite a long time. By doing this he has learned how to deal with issues such as crab grass and even insects.
One day, he got on LinkedIn, and was going through the answers section. He spotted someone who asked how to get rid of crab grass without destroying the good grass.
Frank knew the answer and provided the help. He kept looking through the questions and found others that pertained to taking care of the lawn under various circumstances.
Frank spent about 5 hours on LinkedIn that day and answered like 20 questions. He began receiving tons of replies asking for more advice. Before long, he took what he knew to Twitter and Facebook.
One day he was cruising the Internet and typed in “lawn care” as the keywords. A website came up with his name listed.
He clicked the link and it came to a lawn care website that featured the best lawn care companies in the local area where he lived.
In the caption, he was referred to as the lawn care expert.
What an honor. He got that title by going on social sites and sharing his expertise.
Going on social sites like Frank did is the best way to gain expert status, but you just can’t get social sites and begin answering questions.
You have to take certain steps or people will not take you seriously.
So how what steps do I need to take?
I have created a guide that will take you step-by-step through the process of how to use social media to expose yourself as an expert.
Here are some of the things you will learn:
Have I wet your appetite yet?
Are you anxious to get started so you can become an expert and be recognized as one on social media sites?
Are you ready to learn what it takes to be the go-to guy and be admired and respected for what you know?
I did it and so can you.
So my question to you is simple.
“Do you want to become known as an expert on social media sites and gain respect from others, as well as boost your reputation and your profits, as
people look to you for their needs?”
I’ll give you an example of what I am talking about.
An example of this is a person who has a great niche on baseball.
Here is Andrew. He is an avid baseball collector.
He has collected nearly every baseball card since they began to get printed. He studied baseball. He researched every player. He knew more about certain players than anyone.
He began to write articles about certain baseball players. Eventually, he got on social media sites, and began sharing his knowledge about baseball players. He started to get a big following.
People began to ask him plenty of questions about baseball. He was able to answer them all truthfully.
After a while, he wrote a book on baseball cards and had it published. Once it was published, he went on social media sites and talked about his book.
It didn’t take long before people were buying his book. He sold 100,000 copies within a month. He was known in social media circles as Andrew the Baseball Collector.
So do you want to be a part of the many businesses and individuals, who had expertise in some field, industry, or niche, and took advantage of social media to not only spread their expertise, but also to help others?
If so, here is what you’ve been waiting for.
“How to Use Social Media to
Establish Yourself as an Expert”
This guide is very unique by the fact, everything you read in it has never been spoken of before. I am the first one to provide this.
Even if you have been and are now on social media sites, until you read my guide, what you are doing is simply hit-or-miss. You really don’t have any solid foundation to work off of.
Since taken my guide online, I have helped thousands of people become experts on social media sites. In fact, there are a number of them that own businesses, and have seen their businesses triple as a result of their exposure as experts.
If about 20,000 people can do it, you can do it to. It simply takes one keystroke of your mouse and within seconds you will have on your desktop the guide of all guides that will catapult you to expert status in no time flat.
If you don’t believe me, read comments from some of my customers...
“I work in the home construction industry. My job is to renovate houses. I’ve done this for years. In fact, I have learned a few tricks to make the job easier. One day , I was helping one of my co-workers when he suggested I should go on social media sites where I can help other home construction companies.
“He had a good point. But I did not know how to do it. I ran across your e-book and bought it. After reading it, I realized here was a way I could help others. I went on LinkedIn and found they have a question section. I read a lot of the questions and began to see many of them related to home construction. I answered as many as I had time for.
“Two days later I went back and repeated what I did two days earlier. I soon began receiving emails back from people, thanking me for helping them. One guy actually wrote an email and said he considered me a home construction expert and was recommending me to his company as a consultant.
“All I can say is wow. I had no idea how to use social media and gain expert status until I read your guide. Thanks a lot.”
Baltimore, MD
“I really don’t know what to say. I knew a lot about fixing computers. But I had no idea people were frantic about getting help. I fixed computers in my neighborhood. A friend of mine told me I should spread my knowledge considering there are millions of people in all parts of the country, who use computers and don’t have a clue what to do when they break.
“The problem was how to do this. I knew something about Twitter, but I just wasn’t sure what to do. I did research and ran across your e-book. I obtained a copy and read it. I didn’t realize what it took to gain expertise in my chosen field, let alone spread my knowledge on social media sites.
“I gave it a whirl and was taken back. I could not believe how many people needed my help. Thanks for your advice. It was an incredible experience.”
Tampa, FL
“I am an animal trainer. My main forte is in training cats and dogs, however, my favorite is cats. I usually spend a number of hours a week teach people how to train their cats and dogs to do certain things.
“One day, I saw this TV show about a dog whisperer. So I figured why not do the same thing but with cats. I worked with cats for many years and I know how to handle them. So I became a cat consultant and trainer. “I began getting a lot of clients. Before long, I became known as a cat expert. One of my clients told me I could help many people, who have cats, simply by using social media.
“I didn’t know how. I discovered your e-book and put what I learned to use. All I can say is not only have I become the go-to guy on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, but I have also seen my business jump 30%. Thanks a lot.”
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
“What Do You Get For Trying My Techniques?”
By trying the techniques I have included in my e-book How to Use Social Media to Establish Yourself as an Expert, you will find out how to use social media as a way to be recognized as an expert and help others as well.
A number of people have used my guide with a lot of success.
Do you want to be one of them?
If you do and you want to get started immediately, I will get you going quickly. Before do anything, you probably want to know how much my e-book cost?
Well, what if I told you my guide will only cost you $19.99
That’s right, only $19.99. Why this price when I could just as easily charge a lot more?
The reason is simple.
I want you to experience what it feels to be an expert at something, and to be respected by others. If you never felt this, when you obtain my guide, you will.
Despite what I just said, you still may have doubts. After all, I am asking for you to take out your wallet and use your credit card.
I understand your apprehension and agree with you. I don’t buy anything online unless I know the person or I am assured that if it doesn’t work, I can get my money back.
On that note…
What I will do is take all the risk from you. That’s right. I will take all the risk for you. How? By offering you my…
Rock-Solid, Iron-Clad, No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
I will provide you with my 100% money-back guarantee and give you a no-risk trial to try out my How to Use Social Media to Establish Yourself as an Expert e-book.
If for any reason, you have not gotten expert status using social media within three months time, let me know and I'll fully refund your money.
Again, just give my product 90 days to work. If you are not told that you are an expert, or you have not been given any recommendations or referrals for being an expert in your niche or industry, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.
In other words, if you apply my principles and steps contained in my guide, and you have not gotten one email back from people you helped, thanking you for your advice, or being willing to recommend you to others, you get your money back.
It’s that simple. I’m so confident in my methods and steps, that I will take all the risk from you. All you have to do is spend the money today, read the e-book, apply it, and within 90 days, you haven’t seen any results, you owe nothing. You in fact, get money back.
So act now. Click the order button below and become an expert tomorrow. Remember, by becoming an expert with social media, many opportunities will open for you.
To your success,
                               Roger Knight
P.S.  If you like to have a great reputation online as the go-to guy, and see your business prosper as well, you owe it to yourself to get my guide and take action immediately. Don’t worry, I spell everything out for you.
P.P.S.  Take advantage of my guide today, because I do not know how long I will keep the price this low.
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